Installer Downloads

The latest versions of MindGenius 2018 are available for download below. Please note these are trial versions and need to be activated using your licence key which can be found in your purchase email.

Product VersionLatest Release
MindGenius 20187.0.1Download
MindGenius 66.0.4Download
MindGenius Viewer5.1.2Download
Downloads are trial versions and will expire after 14 days unless activated using your licence key. Your licence key can be found in your purchase receipt email. If you can't find it please contact us. MindGenius Viewer is a free-to-use application and does not require activation.

End of Support (EoS) for older MindGenius versions:

MindGenius 5: EoS reached on 7th April 2017
MindGenius 4: EoS reached on 11th July 2016
MindGenius 3: EoS reached on 29th June 2015
MindGenius 2: EoS reached on 30th June 2011

End of Support refers to the date on which a particular version of MindGenius will no longer receieve updates or fixes. While you are free to continue using a version that has reached EoS, it's important to note that no further enhancements or bug fixes will be released, regardless of severity, and no further work will be done to ensure compatibility with current or future Windows versions.

You can download old versions here, however we strongly encourage you to consider upgrading to the latest version.