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There is a huge amount of work you can do in MindGenius so we have developed our template library to help you get started. Choose from any of the topic, click the link to view the image in more detail and when ready you can download from the image. Alterntively, view some of our How To Guides to get to know the product.


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6 Thinking Hats Sequences

Problem Solving 6M

What is MindGenius?

Define your Problem

6 Thinking Hats Benefits

6 Thinking Hats Explained

Strategy Planning

Assumption Testing

Business Plan

Business SWOT Prompts

Business SWOT Questions

Mission Statement Checklist

Create Forward Movement

Find Deeper Insights

Focus Collective Attention

Sales Strategy

Strategy Facilitation

Strategy Meeting


Brexit Preparation Checklist

Care Strategy

Clinical Trial


Data Warehouse


Event Planning

IT Phases

Lifecycle Deliverable


New Product Development

Office Relocation Plan

Service Deliver Project

Software Selection Plan

Financial Services

Discovery Meeting

Financial Planning

New Client Process

Financial Review Meeting


Client Master Map

Competitor Positioning

Customer Service Visit

One Page Proposal

Sales Funnel Review Meeting

Sales Meeting

Sales Process

SPIN Selling

Understanding the Challenge


Human Resources

Employee 3 Month Review

Interview Checklist

Key Interview Questions

Manager Quarterly Review - Preparation

SWOT - Personal Development



Book Evaluation Questions

Business Student Exam Study Plan

Coursework Plan


French Revision

Group Work

Irregular Verbs

Lecture Notes

Lesson Plan

Periodic Table

Prefect Meeting Agenda

Preparing a Debate Argument


Project Plan For New Business

Review of a Book

School Magazine

Story Planning

Study Course Organiser

Study of a Sport

Work Experience Diary

Writing Reports

Project Management

Project Management Body of Knowledge

Project Management Planning

Project Integration Management

New Project Proposal

Project Initiation Instruction

Project Kick-Off Meeting

Project Planning

Project Charter

Project Scope Management

Project Scope Statement

Work Breakdown Structure

Project Schedule Management

Project Cost Management

Project Resource Management

Project Risk Checklist

Project Risk Red Flag Management

Project Change Request

Project Monitoring and Control

Project Status

Project Quality Management

Project Stakeholder Management

Project Stakeholder Communication

Project Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Project Close Out

Status - Basic

Hoshin Plan


Client Wealth Map

Employee Review Meeting

Financial Discovery

Management Review

Meeting Preparation Checklist

Project Kick-Off

Project Retrospective

Weekly Status


Holiday Plan

Job Interview

My Business Plan


My Event

My Goals

My Skills

My Wealth Plan

Personal Review Process

Problem Solving Questions

Wedding Speech


Marketing Content Planning & Calendar

Event Plan

Website Design

Collateral Request Bid Template

Social Media Strategy

Compliance and Risk

ISMS Management Review Meeting

Implementing GDPR


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