MindGenius How To Guides

There are lots of ways you can stay organised and in control with MindGenius - follow the categories below to learn more.



Project Management:

 - Project Planning

 - From Brainstorm to Project Plan

 - Assigning Resources

 - Dynamic Views

 - Quick Look at Project Status

 - Managing a Project

 - Project Scope Statement

 - Work Breakdown Structure

 - Project Initiation and Planning




 - Marketing Content Plan

 - Marketing Content Calendar

 - Event Planning

 - Marketing Campaign Planning

 - Social Media Strategy



Human Resources:

 - Employee Onboarding

 - Exit Interviews

 - Performance Reviews

 - Recruitment



Mind Mapping:

 - Tips For Your First Mind Map

 - Top 7 Shortcuts When Starting

 - Focus Attention on Best Ideas

 - Launch a Writing Project

 - Dress Up Your Mind Map

 - How to Mind Map

 - How to Create Multiple Mind Maps in One

 - Brainstorming





  - Plan and Manage Tasks in MindGenius

  - Microsoft Project Import and Export