Project Initiation Instruction

A Project Inititation Instruction (PII) is essential for project success.  It ensures stakeholders understand the need for the project and fully support the effort to make it happen.  PII's should be openly discussed with all stakeholders and ideally as a group if possible to minimise understanding and disruptions further into the project.  

Key Areas To Include

Not all PII's will demand the same level of detail. However, eight key areas should be considered:


The background provides contect to the project and should help the reader quickly understand why the project is necessary, its urgency and the benefits to be gained with project success. 


At this stage it is important to explicitly state what the project will achieve and importantly, what it will not achieve. This avoids misunderstanding and damaging scope creep at a later date. 

Budgets / Cost / Return on Investment

At this stage it is important to give an indication of what it will take to make the project happen in terms of cost, resources and time. Ensure the beneifts detaiiled are aligned and worthy of the commitment to help with the apporval process. 

Success Criteria

Establish the success criteria to detail how return on investment will be measured.


Identify the key personnel / suppliers and customers and ensure Roles and Responsibilities are clearly defined.


The level of controls are based on project size and complexity. As much as possible should be defined up front amd consideration should be given to Risk Management as this is historically where most projects are derailed by unplanned surprises. Throughout the project there will be issues and change requests to deal with to it's essential that a management system is in place to address these key areas.


Large projects might be delivered in phases but regardless of size or complexity, it is important to know how a project will be delivered through showing the range of deliverables and activities which make the project happen. A visual roadmap, block diagram or Gantt chart helps everyone to understand dependencies, milestones and critical paths. 


‚ÄčIt is advisable to have forma l sign-off of a PII. It saves any debate if the project ever starts to go off scope, budget or quality.

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